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Genre:  TV;
Rating:  -
Run Time:  270
Language:  Cantonese
Sub Title:  Traditional Chinese, English
Director:  -
Cast:  -

Release Date: 21-5-2009
RTHK collaborates with the Department of Health (DH) in making “Parenting Documentary” on how to deal with children’s behavior problems. No one knows how to be a perfect father or mother, parents can only learn by experience, great patience and thoughtful caretaking are particularly crucial in raising their children.
The case studies in the documentary portray the up’s and down’s of parenting in different families. Registered nurses with 3P (Positive Parenting Program) tutor qualifications from DH will share the participants with professional advices, whilst audience can also be equipped with positive and inoffensive parenting skills.
1.My Sassy Daughter: How to deal with children who always lose their tempers?
2.Teach You, Teach Me: Helpful tips to discipline a hyperactive naughty boy.
3. Greedy Pig: Any measure to tackle a gluttonous child with weak concentration?
4. A Lonely Shark: Show you the ways to reform a self-centered son.
5. Give Me A Break: An exhausted mother tries to control her bad emotions.
6. Spoiled Daughter: Spoiled by her family, a little girl is becoming the big boss!
7. Monsters At Home: Techniques to overcome children’s linguistic problems.
8. Training By Talking: Learns to communicate with a hearing impaired child.
9. Fighting Dyslexia: No more suffering from learning disabilities!
Price: HK$169.00