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Genre: DRAMA;
Rating: -
Run Time: -
Language: Cantonese
Sub Title: Traditional and Simplified Chinese, English
Director: -

Release Date: 4-9-2007
The three best actors Andy Lau, Stephen Chow and Tony Leung have distinctive styles and fascinating careers in the movie industry today. They once acted together to leave an imprint on their innocent, no-regret and no-additives youth. ?Crossroads? Is a time tunnel which lets us return to the 1980’s when their careers were taking off. Watch how they study the complex youth psychology to portray the confused growing up process. This is difficult to be seen elsewhere!
A Decision
「I want to be a good person! 」 Andy Lau acted out this theme 20 years before ?Internal Affairs?? A young Monkey (played by Andy Lau) and his good friend Ms. Chu (played by Liu Shao Chun) are child labourers. Their wages are withheld so they vent their anger by causing a disturbance at the construction site which leads to a fire. Monkey decides to reform himself after this incident. Unfortunately Ms. Chu does not repent and the two of them go their separate ways. When they meet again, it is already…
Pocket Money
The king of comedy Stephen Chow is a miserable student who is addicted to drugs? There is only one word to describe it – remarkable! When wealthy Ah Bong (played by Stephen Chow), who lacks family affection, heard that classmate Ah Kin (played by Wilson Lam) is longing for a computer, he sells his to him at a low price. He then uses the proceeds to buy drugs! Stephen Chow did not act in many series early in his career and this is the only RTHK produced episode that he took part in. It is indeed rare!
Obedient senior secondary school student Ah Man (played by Tony Leung) is worried about his sick mother and his own schooling. When he and his classmates go to play basketball one day, they meet some bullies who provoke his classmate into a fight. Someone gets killed and the police hunt for the murderer…watch Ah Man struggle between 「running away」and「not running away」. It is like watching Chan Wing Yan trapped in hell.
Price: HK$92.00