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Genre:  DRAMA;
Rating:  -
Run Time:  -
Language:  Cantonese
Sub Title:  Traditional and Simplified Chinese, English

Precious memories…<> puts together the entire collection of superstar Leslie Cheung’s productions for RTHK from the 1970’s to the 2000’s. Don’t miss this valuable collection in which you can watch Leslie Cheung playing different characters in the separate stages of his career.
The Women in My Family
Set in the early 20th century, the landlord’s son King Sang (Leslie Cheung) returns from studying in the city. On his way home he meets the village girl May Ho who later marries into his family as his father’s concubine. May Ho’s chores in the house were no different from the other maids. The westernized King Sang takes pity on her and teaches her how to write. Love blossoms between them but the villagers do not approve of their relationship. May Ho pays the ultimate price of being drowned and King Sang has no choice but to leave home. The meticulous filming of this movie reveals the plight of women in feudal society.
The Island Story: City Of Sand
Four youths go hiking on Lantau Island. They stay in a temple for a night to see the sunrise on Lantau Peak the next morning. The film reflects the differences in attitudes between city folks and monks. City folks go after their dreams while monks are content with what they have. Viewers have the rare opportunity to see Leslie Cheung played a monk and also learn about Buddhism’s beliefs.
Under the Same Roof: Teenagers
Secondary students Joe (Leslie Cheung) and Peter (Louis Castro) are curious about members of the opposite sex. Joe encourages shy Peter to court the girls. Peter realizes how precious friendships with girls are through his courtships with them.
Under the Same Roof: The Dead Kno
The lovely Winnie and Ah Sing are young lovers. Their relationship becomes rocky when the handsome Ah Kit (Leslie Cheung) enters the scene. This triangular relationship is hard to resolve which leads to an unfortunate ending.
Crossroad: Women At 33
The attractive divorcee Jenny, (Cheng Pui Pui) develops a relationship with her ex-boyfriend’s younger brother Michael (Leslie Cheung). Unfortunately the difference in age is a burden but Michael refuses to give up. Will Jenny be moved by Michael’s sincerity?
From Ashes To Ashes
The only movie that Leslie Cheung created, directed and starred in. Many well-known singers and actors were invited to star in this film which promotes the no-smoking campaign. They include Anita Mui, Karen Mok, Joey Yung, Leehom Wang, Teresa Mo, Edison Chen and Gigi Leung. Famous photographer Lawrence (Leslie Cheung) lives with his wife Gladys (Anita Mui), a senior executive of a record company, and their son. The pair unconsciously resorts to smoking to relax from their busy schedule. They are shocked to learn that their son is suspected of having developed acute leukemia from second-hand smoke. Bonus feature includes a behind-the-scene clip in which Leslie Cheung talked about his feelings towards being a director for the first time and his creative ideas and drive for this movie.
Special Features:

Leslie talks about his feelings being a director for the first time

Classic love that never ends – a star is remembered (Leslie in the eyes of directors and actors)

Photo gallery
Price: HK$235.00