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Genre:  DRAMA;
Rating:  -
Run Time:  -
Language:  Cantonese, Mandarin
Sub Title:  -
Director:  Cheung Ying, Cheung Fan
Cast:  Cheung Ying, Yeung Sai, Leung Sing Po, Tam Lan Hing, Cheng Kwan-min, Ko Lo Chuen, Lam So

The big boss, Chow Shen-to, loves gambling so he is short of money for his business and is heavily in debt. Then, a Japanese company intends to invite Chow to be the agent for a new medicine – "Manning pellets". A representative will come to discuss this with him. Chow thinks this is a good chance to save his business. Actually, the representative has already been in Hong Kong for a long time and after finding out that Chow is not reliable, decides to go back to Japan. Before leaving, he asks a hotel waiter, Cheung Wah, to tell Chow that their co-operation is over. But Cheung doesn't do it at once. Chow goes with his clerk, Chan Yuen-lan, to see the representative. Cheung intends to pretend to be the representative with his colleague So, so they can have a free lunch. So mistakes Chan for Chow's wife. Chow doesn't want to explain and asks Chan to pretend to be his wife. Actually, Chan and Cheung had been lovers, separated by war. Cheung thinks that Chan was not loyal to him, and he continues his pretence. Finally Cheung's identity is exposed. Chow's wife also comes back from Macau. Cheung and Chan get together again and Chow's father-in-law promises to pay his debts.
Price: HK$35.00