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Genre:  DRAMA;
Rating:  -
Run Time:  -
Language:  Cantonese
Sub Title:  Traditional Chinese
Director:  Chor Yuen
Cast:  Cheung Wood Yau, Pak Yin, Wong Man Lei, Nam Hung, Keung Chung-ping, Ko Lo Chuen, Lee Hong Kum

《Eternal Regret (Part 1)》
Lui Tak-shing, the son of an established family, is in love with Lu Pik-man. But Lui's mother, due to her own superstition as well as the influence of Lui's aunt and cousin, Mei-kiu, exerts great pressure to keep the two lovers apart. Even though at one point, Man becomes pregnant and is willing to serve as a concubine, she is still not allowed to enter the Lui family. Shing's mother even makes Man promise that, in order to end Shing's faintest hope for the future of their relationship, Man will pretend tomarry her good friend, Yip Kuen. Shing finally marries his cousin, Kiu, but then becomes angry and listless, so his mother arranges to take in a concubine, Suet-mui, in order to give her son some emotional comfort. Although she is loved and protected by Shing, Mui is inevitably tortured by the wife, Kiu. Soon after, Man gives birth to twins, Kim-ching and Kim-hung. Kwongchow is then under Japanese occupation and both Kuen and Shing are drafted to serve in the army. After her husband has gone, when Mui is in labour, Kiu chases her out of the house, which saves her life as the house is destroyed by a bomb. However, Mui is fortunate enough to survive the blast and is rescued by a tricycle driver, Ng Lo-sam.
《Eternal Regret (Part 2)》After Mui has been rescued, seriously injured, she gives birth to a girl, Chor-mei. Before she dies, she asks Ng Lo-sam to take care of her little girl. Nineteen years pass by and Pik-wan moves to Hong Kong with her twin sons, Ching and Hung. Coincidentally, they end up living right next to Mei. Since Shing's house was ruined in the bombing, he also moved his business to Hong Kong, one of his employees being Mei. Finally, Man and Shing meet. But Shing is still holding grudges. He has tried to set up traps in order to compromise Ching, whom he thinks is Kuen's son but is in fact his own. In order to stop the hostility between father and son, Man confides the truth about their relationship to Shing. Not only does Shing not believe Man's words; he takes the story as a deliberate attempt at fraud. Meanwhile, a sycophant of Shing, Ma Kau, plots to have Ching killed in order to frame and blackmail Shing. Ironically, the hired hand turns out to be Kuen, who is desperate for money. At the critical moment, Shing's mother appears and testifies that what Man told Shing is true. Finally, the Lui family is reunited and Mei and Shing also revive the father-daughter relationship. Sadly, the unfortunate Kuen is killed in a gun battle.
Price: HK$60.00