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Genre: DRAMA;
Rating: -
Run Time: -
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Sub Title: -
Director: Tso Kea
Cast: Wong Man Lei, Cheung Ying, Ha Ping, Kong Yat-fan, Lee Pang-fei, Lee Hong Kum, Wong Chor-shan, Ng Tun

Sau-yin's son, Siu-wah, has been studying overseas since childhood. His father, who is dead, is said to have been a charitable man, so Wah respects him very much. After Wah returns from overseas, Yin finds him always absentminded, so she proposes he visit a physician. However, Wah refuses. Yin feels ashamed that she has not taken care of Wah for the past ten years. On one occasion, Wah meets a maid called Chun, who is beautiful and unsophisticated. Thus Wah's mood improves, and they fall in love. Yin is afraid that the family's reputation will be harmed by this relationship, so she secretly sends Chun away. Learning about it, Wah is shocked and decides to drink poison. The family is so frightened that they bring Wah to Chun. After Wah pleads with her, Yin finally agrees to his marriage with Chun, but urges them to leave the region immediately after the construction of his father's memorial school. At the party celebrating the launch of his father's memorial school, Wah realises that his father was a bad man. He feels very disappointed and understands why he inherited a venereal disease. Wah's most miserable discovery is that Chun is, in fact, his sister by a different mother...
Price: HK$55.00