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Genre: DRAMA;
Rating: -
Run Time: -
Language: Cantonese
Sub Title: -
Director: Tso Kea
Cast: Cheung Ying, Mui Yee, Keung Chung-ping, Yeung Sin, Wong Man Lei, Lam Kwun-shan, Yau Kei, Lui Ming

After inheriting his father's estate, Cheung Ka-bo leads a life of debauchery when he gets to know Yuen, who profits at others' expense, and Yee Wah, a woman working at a night club. As the money diminishes, he is always squabbling with his wife and finally separates from her. She returns a diamond bracelet, which is kept by Uncle Chan, to her mother-in-law. Bo's mother hides the bracelet in a chair to save for a rainy day. Later, Wah resides at Bo's home. To flatter Wah, Bo wants to get the bracelet by any means from his mother and give it to Wah. Later, Bo's mother falls ill. In the hospital, she tells Bo of the bracelet's whereabouts but the chair has already been sold to Uncle Chan by Wah. Bo, Wah and Yuen stealthily enter Chan's home to get the chair, but have a big fight when they try to take the bracelet. Knowing that Bo has huge debts, Wah intends to leave him after getting the bracelet. Wah exposes her gluttonous self in her pursuit of the treasure. Bo learns his lesson and returns to his wife.
Price: HK$55.00