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Genre:  DRAMA;
Rating:  -
Run Time:  -
Language:  Cantonese, Mandarin
Sub Title:  -
Director:  Ng Wui
Cast:  Ha Ping,Ting Lai, Lei Lei, Cheung Ying, Lo Duen, Wong Man Lei, Lai Cheuk Cheuk, Lee Yuet-ching

While Doctor Shum is practising medicine away from his home town, his wife and their four daughters stay behind to help the needy in their neighbourhood.
Second daughter Mung-sheung is entrusted by some friends to seek a position from an overseas graduate, a rich young gentleman named Kwun-mo, who gladly consents. Mo's grandfather invites the 4 sisters to take part in a ball held for Mo. Sheung enjoys a very pleasant conversation with Mo, but is ridiculed for being "like a crow wanting to be changed into a phoenix".
Mung-Kam suffers from meningitis, but with Sheung's fellow student Kok Chi-keung braving the night storm to get the necessary medicine for her and Mo caring for her by the bedside, she survives the crisis.
Sheung tells her mother that she is going to marry Mo, but now she gets to know that her eldest sister Mung-lin is also in love with Mo. Sheung knows well that Lin is a shy and weak-minded girl, she loves Mo, but sacrifices her love to Lin. So, Sheung pretends to be in love, with Keung. Mo, loving Sheung at heart, becomes upset. He changes his mind and takes Lin as his wife. Later, Mung-ying is also married, Kam dies of ill-ness, Sheung concentrates on her writing, an effort which at last pays off and she marries Keung.
Price: HK$55.00