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Genre: DRAMA;
Rating: -
Run Time: -
Language: Cantonese
Sub Title: Traditional Chinese
Director: Tso Kea
Cast: Cheung Ying, Pak Yin, Wong Man Lei, Yeung Sai, Keung Chung-ping, Lee Pang-fei, Ng Tung, Kam Lui, Lok

When novelist Yik-chun is researching information for his novel, he accidentally gets acquainted with Tai-kau, a robber who upholds righteous principles, and the singing girls, Yi-chun and Siu-chun. Yik-chun and Yi-chun fall in love at first sight and secretly admire each other. Siu-chun is the most popular singing girl in the place and many people come to hear her every night. When Inspector Yeung sees Siu-chun for the first time, he falls for her and harasses her. After Siu-chun evades him three or four times, the Inspector finally puts under house arrest. Yik-chun is also jailed when he tries to rescue her. To save Siu-chun and Yik-chun, Yi-chun negotiates with Inspector Yeung directly and is willing to sacrifice herself. The Inspector vainly hopes to kill two birds with one stone. However, Yi-chun is extraordinarily clever and manoeuvres to let Siu-chun and Yik-chun escape.The two of them escape to Tai-kau's place. The Inspector's men give chase. They shoot and kill Tai-kau's lover. Tai-kau is so sad and angry that he gathers his men and vows to take revenge on the Inspector. When Tai-kau and his men invade his home, the Inspector holds Yi-chun hostage. Regardless of his own safety, Yik-chun rescues Yi-chun. The Inspector is clubbed to death. Yik-chun and the others then withdraw after they have taken their revenge.
Price: HK$55.00