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Genre:  DRAMA;TV;
Rating:  -
Run Time:  -
Language:  Cantonese
Sub Title:  Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English
Director:  Rachel Shin
Cast:  Wong Kwun-Chang, Shum Lang-Man, Lai Hun, Brenda Lo, Sharla Cheung , Jacqueline Law, Chan Lap-Pun, Ch

Rachel Zen is one of the renowned New Wave directors who shot to fame with refreshingly true-to-life films such as "Cream Soda and Milk", "Love Bittersweet" and "Life Goes On". In addition, the work she did for RTHK series such as "Below The Lion Rock", "When We Were Young" and "Documentary Drama", not only proved hugely popular with local audiences but also received numerous international awards. The current compilation comprises two representative episodes from the series "Below The Lion Rock" -- "Born To Live " and "Hearth and Home ".
Born To Live
Seventeen year-old orphan Chan Ka-Po, afflicted with severe facial swellings, acutely mis-matched ears and with vision only with his left eye, is called "Elephant Man" by others. Twenty-five year-old Lee Kut-Chang has the mind of an adult, but only the body of an infant -- the extreme brittleness of his skeletal structure has earned him the nickname of "Glass Bones Man". Requiring endless surgery, the pair constantly finds themselves at the hospital, where they share a bond of friendship. In their camaraderie, the Elephant Man ventures out among the crowds with the Glass Man. Lauded as a work that celebrates the resilience and compassion of the human spirit, the film received numerous international prizes and won Rachel Zen the accolade of "humanitarian director".
Hearth and Home
Famous actress, Sharla Cheung, was first made known to the audiences prior to her film debut with this story of Lee Nan (Sharla Cheung), who came to Hong Kong to be reunited with her husband. Although she is happy to be in their little rooftop room, she has trouble trying to resume her profession as a nurse. When she goes to a rehabilitation centre for a job interview, she is drugged, raped and photo graphed in the nude. Blackmailed into secretly working in the sex trade, the blow to her husband when he learns the truth causes her to decide to disappear to spare him the shame. Two years later, when her husband is hospitalized due to a work injury, he receives a surprise visitor -- Lee Nan, now transformed into an elegant lady. Taking care of him, she even has a wedding picture taken with him. It seems, however, that fate is not yet done toying with them, for she has in fact already emigrated to America...
DVD Bonus:
Below The Lion Rock Interview : Chu Pui-hing (Director of Broadcasting) and Peter Lam (Media Specialist)
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Price: HK$168.00