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Genre:  DRAMA;TV;
Rating:  -
Run Time:  -
Language:  Cantonese
Sub Title:  Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English
Director:  -
Cast:  Charlene Choi, Shawn Yu, Natalie Tong

"Youth@Y2K" is set in a secondary school, renowned in Hong Kong for its boys' basketball team, which decides to set up a girls' rugby team. Girls' rugby team members Ah Yen and Ah Sa are both secretly in love respectively with Ah Lok and Ah Miu on the boys' basketball team, but Ah Lok and Ah Miu happen to be bitter rivals that seriously affects the team's chances of winning their tenth championship in succession. Meanwhile Si-Ying, Ah Sa's best friend and rugby teammate starts to fall in love with Ah Miu. The personal problems between the members of the girls' rugby team bring the squad to the brink of dissolution. How do these schoolgirls and schoolboys resolve their differences and develop the necessary esprit des corps that will enable them to excel on the field?
Bonus: Stills Gallery
Price: HK$159.00