Mother! - DVD

Mother! - DVD

Mother! - DVD

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Genre:  Thriller
Rating:  III
Run Time:  121
Language:  English,Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese
Sub Title:  Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Thai, Korean
Director:  Darren Aronofsky
Cast:  Jennifer Lawrence,Javier Bardem

Release Date: 24-1-2018
oscar® winners jennifer lawrence* and javier bardem** deliver unforgettable performances in oscar® nominated darren aronofsky’s*** praised opus. the film shattered audiences and critics around the world. It’s been called “darkly exhilarating” (justin chang, los angeles times) and “aronofsky’s most daring film yet” (ben croll, indieware). Experience the visually arresting psychological thriller that will leave your heart pounding and your mind blown!

Special Bonus:
‧ mother! The Downward Spiral
‧The Makeup FX of mother!

Price: HK$148.00