Hollywood Adventures - DVD

Hollywood Adventures - DVD

Hollywood Adventures - DVD

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Genre:  Comedy
Rating:  IIB
Run Time:  114
Language:  Mandarin DTS 5.1 / Dolby 5.1
Sub Title:  Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English
Director:  -
Cast:  -

Release Date: 1-12-2015

Yu Ming (Huang Xiaoming) flies to Los Angeles and surprises the love of his life, with a proposal of marriage to save their relationship. Along the way, he unwillingly joins forces with fellow traveler Da Wei (Tong Dawei) and reluctant travel guide, Wei Wei (Zhao Wei). When the three inadvertently stumble upon an illegal import operation, they are forced to band together and go on the run from the authorities who believe them to be guilty. Not only that, but they are being ruthlessly pursued by Manny Love (Sung Kang), the angry ringleader of the very lucrative crime ring that our three heroes have thrown into jeopardy……

Price: HK$98.00