Ode to My Father - DVD

Ode to My Father - DVD

Ode to My Father - DVD

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Genre:  Drama
Rating:  IIA
Run Time:  114
Language:  Korean DTS 5.1/Dolby 5.1
Sub Title:  Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English
Director:  -
Cast:  -
Release Date: 14-7-2015

 When the Korean War breaks out in 1950s, the young firstborn Duk-soo (Hwang Jung-min) vows to take care of the whole family in place of his missing father. As Duk-soo matures, he becomes the breadwinner of the household and devotes himself to the risky coal mines of 1960s Germany, and even into the deadly jungle of the Vietnam War in 1970s…… Duk-soo’s lifelong promise spans over half a century, guiding him through a monumental journey of hope, dedication, and personal sacrifices.

Special Bonus:
‧TV Spot
‧Making of

Price: HK$98.00